Podrozna v5

Podrozna v5

Author: OlekUrsus

On the map you will find:
– All necessary tigrry
– A lot of fields
– Silos for silage
– Two farms (large and small)
– Interestingly shaped area
– Gateway to the O key
– Manure v2
– purchase
– Machine shop
– Traffic
– Pedestrian traffic
– The super silo
– Chickens and cows
– And many other things ..

File size: 234.79 MB

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Farming Simulator 2015 – Launch Trailer

Just a few days from its release this Thursday on PC, we are pleased to lead you to the fields of Farming Simulator 15 one last time with the launch trailer! Here’s a good opportunity to get a last sneak peek at some of the many activities that are yours to enjoy in the new generation of Farming Simulator, available on October 30 on PC/MAC, and early 2015 on consoles.

Farming Simulator is a real phenomenon in today’s video gaming landscape, offering an experience very different from what we are used to: put away your battle gear, and get into your wellington boots before throwing yourself into the daily routine of the modern day farmer. Farming Simulator managed to seduce a broad range of players; younger gamers are attracted to the accessibility of the title and the sandbox aspect of the game; agricultural vehicle enthusiasts revel in the vast array of machinery reproduced in loving detail, and seasoned players enjoy its accurate and realistic simulation. Farming Simulator beat all the odds by becoming a real best seller with its latest 2013 version, with over 2.5 million copies sold worldwide. With a new graphics and physics engine, and many new features, Farming Simulator 15 is getting ready to take the franchise into a new era!

Farming Simulator 15 offers an immense open world, filled with details and visual effects thanks to its new graphics and physics engine. Manage your own farm: from harvesting to animal husbandry, and from the sales of fresh products to woodcutting, the benefits of your exploitation will allow you to develop, and invest in new and more powerful vehicles or tools.

Across hundreds of acres of land offered by the new Nordic environment, and a renovated North American environment, use and drive over 140 authentic vehicles and farming tools, from over 40 most famous manufacturers (including 20 new brands): New Holland, Ponsse, Case IH, Deutz-Fahr. This new equipment includes a selection of vehicles and tools entirely dedicated to a plethora of new activities in Farming Simulator, related to woodcutting!

In multiplayer, invite up to 15 friends to help you develop your farm. Thanks to an active and passionate community, benefit from limitless new content: new vehicles, tools, and even environments!

Westerrade v1.2 MR

Westerrade v1.2 MR

First I want to thank all
Have people to thank the Stetz Me page were to build this map, especially with my teammates, Alex2009, Jabba42 of FSM, Upside Down and the entire Gaming4Fun team who always had an open ear and always helped us without hesitation .An thanks also go to all the modders and scripters whose objects, textures or scripts I have installed.

now to the map:
The map is a (as good as it was possible for me) real replica of the beautiful calm sunny place Westerrade in Schleswig Holstein.Auf the map there is a lot to experience new, be it buildings, objects, etc …..

Below is the links to the galleries:




http://www.abload.de/gallery.php?key=syET9bGL L

On the map there is:
Kartoffelhof including our potato cleaning plant
(Fillable Only with the trailer)
Main Courtyard
Animals: cows, sheep, chickens, pigs and cattle
Fruit varieties: standard + clover and alfalfa
Installed Soilmod or GülleMistKalkMod
Chopped Straw Mod is installed
Installed slurry storage to Wald2
Scale with statistics
2 forests for Forstmod (no trees pre-planted)

Box sale is also at HaGe: You must set the boxes on the tape, then they are transported into the building and come back out again empty (for purified and stored in crates potatoes you get about three times)
When Aunt Emma ye your pigs,
Cattle, eggs and wool los

New in V1.2:
First of all reported bugs have been fixed
Grain storage is now recognized by CP
Expanded ClipDistancLua again
Inczeased slurry storage volume

Since there has been a small old farm in the village in which I have installed a storage location:
There you can store their straw, grass, silage, seed, fertilizer and lime.

Seed, fertilizer and lime can be found on the tube again.

Straw, grass silage and you have to refer to the feed mixer or a suitable shovel

Water is available only at the storage space, the barn or the sheep farm

HaGe there can sell you your cereal
There are only HaGe seed, fertilizer and lime
(Liquid fertilizer and seed pallets behind the building, are for where to dig too lazy)

Lime is only for shoveling
Below you can you still a spreader Download with her the dirt where dirt accumulates in the sorting sprinkle onto the pitch can if you want and use as organic fertilizer. But you can also sell on the LU Hof him

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Lysa Polana v2.0

Lysa Polana v2.0

It is on the map:
– 2 companies (small and large also Polish, but modern)
– Lime V2
– Mist V2
– Mist V2
– Several stocks
– Dairy (milk should WoZi to melczarni?)
– Purchase of fertilizer
– Sugar factories
– 2 villages
– Orlen petrol station
– Machine Shop and Service
– Cows – on a large farm
– Chicken – on a small farm
– Sale of eggs in the supermarket
– Mod Forest
– Challenging and interesting ride to the fields
– Bought lime v2 tuck lycha on a small farm
– Lime the fields – you first need to buy a small farm, then not on the part of the field
– Polish Air
– Lots of trees and shrubs
– Boxes (small, medium, large) and different shapes in different sizes

Changes from Version V1.1
additional fields – Enlarged map
revised PDA
no errors in the log
many signs, signs
changed the texture on HD
Fields were added to the slurry storage silos
Seller fields – the actual prices and the areas
Silos for the storage of grain on a small farm

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Steyr 6230 CVT

Steyr 6230 CVT

* Scale 1: 1 weight
* Animated interior
* Opening doors and windows (control IC)
* Aloe Console – turns (the R key, you have to stand in front of the hood)
* Dynamic exhaust system
* Animated cab suspension and seat
* Animated front suspension
* Indoor Sounds
* Manual firing (press Z or Y or NUM_comma)
* Emergency lights (the NUM_1, NUM_3, NUM_2)
* Working lights front and rear (the NUM_5, NUM_6)
* High beam (LEFT ALT)
* Clean log and compatibility with MP in 100%

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